Warhorse Materials Inc. offers a pothole repair service where the Customer makes the booking of repairs on an e-commerce website.  These repairs are made by Applicators that Warhorse Materials Inc. trains and licenses. These Applicators are independent Sub-Contractors that must have the proper insurance and business licenses to operate in the area where the repairs are located. The repair material used in these repairs is manufactured to Warhorse Specifications and sold under the Registered Trade Mark Pot-Lock®.

Required Authority: The Customer ordering these repairs must have the required authority to direct repairs to the property where the pothole is located. By booking the repair, the Customer agrees that they alone assume responsibility for ordering repairs to the property. If a dispute occurs between the Property Owner and the Customer, Warhorse is not responsible for damage, harm, or any other claim caused by an unauthorized repair. Warhorse will not refund the cost of unauthorized repairs made at the direction of the Customer. The Customer must ensure that the repairs are not made on property owned or controlled by others. Warhorse will not knowingly perform repairs on a public road or right-of-way unless expressly directed by the Government Agency with jurisdiction.

Access: Customers shall allow free access for the Applicator to make repairs. All repairs will be made within the time window dictated by local noise bylaws. For example, in Calgary City, the noise bylaw allows activity between 7 am and 10 pm Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 10 pm on Sunday. Customers should check local and neighborhood bylaws for other restrictions at the pothole address. Customer requirements that further restrict access within the bylaw time frame must clearly state their preference in the online order form’s notes section. The Applicator will attempt to facilitate this request. However, this may delay repair beyond the 48-hour general response time. Warhorse reserves the right to reject bookings with time frame preferences that appear to be unreasonably restrictive. Please contact us if you have questions or require emergency repairs outside of regular bylaw hours.

Traffic control: The Customer is responsible for traffic control if it is required. All of our Applicators have traffic cones in their service vehicles and wear appropriate PPE. The Applicator may directly contact the Customer if traffic control appears to be, in their opinion, a requirement for their own safety.

Permanent repair defined: Potholes happen for many reasons. They are a symptom of a deficiency in the design of the asphalt mix and the supporting mineral pavement structure below. Pothole repair does not address these underlying causes, but instead restores the pavements driving surface. Pot-Lock, the product used in our repairs is a Cold Mix Asphalt with the same component parts as regular asphalt paving. Upon compaction, Pot-Lock fuses chemically and physically and can be immediately open to traffic. Unlike typical Cold-Patch materials, the stability produced by this fusing prevents Pot-Lock from being “shoved” or pressed out of the hole by elastic displacement under wheel loading. As desirable as Pot-Lock’s stability is, the service life of a repair is dictated by the surrounding pavement’s deterioration, and the underlying deficiencies that caused the pothole to occur. Within this context the repair is as permanent as the surrounding pavement.

Warranty defined: Pot-Lock carries two one year Warranties; a) Material Warranty on manufacturing defects b) Stability Warranty on shoving resistance (see Permanent Repair above)

Sustainability: Unlike Cold Patching materials, Pot-Lock does not contain solvents or lighter petroleum distillates. Pot-Lock has the same impact on the environment as the surrounding pavement.

Appearance: Asphalt paving oxidates and fades in colour from black to gray. Pot-Lock repairs will contrast with the surrounding pavement and will also fade. Warhorse offers a Highway and Driveway Resurfacing System that can conceal repairs and provide a durable traction surface for steep inclines. Conventional asphalt driveway sealers can also conceal repairs but generally require annual recoating.

Crack Repair: Like potholes, cracks are symptom of an underlying cause. Cracks allow water to saturate the substrate and destabilize the paving. These repairs should be filled in warm dry weather with a flexible crack filler. Warhorse does not currently offer this as a ecommerce service.