Warhorse Materials Inc. has taken more advanced technologies for flake floors by using a self- priming, fast setting epoxy anchor to broadcast your flake directly into your base coat to eliminate a step in the installation process of having to prime your floor no matter how old it is.

With this system, and working directly with our own formulators we have the capabilities of speeding up or slowing down our product cure times. Having this ability allows for the speedy installations for operating kitchens, warehouses and any project with limited shut down time. All of our materials in our Troika System are 100% VOC free, allowing the rest of your facility to operate whilst we install your floors.


System Benefits

  • Unlimited color choices
  • Self-priming system
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Re-finishable
  • More Durable than epoxy
  • Fast set option for time sensitive projects

Troika – Designed For Project Restrictions

Hotel Arts had the tough challenge to limit shut down in their Raw Bar kitchen and approached KBM & Warhorse Materials Inc. for a solution to reduce the kitchen shutdown to 72 hours for renovation. Within those 72 hours, the kitchen appliances were removed, the existing floor removed, concrete patched and a full Troika Flake System was installed in 48 hours to allow the kitchen to be put back together.

To achieve this, Warhorse Materials Inc. reached out to our own direct formulators to create a fast curing, 100% solids system that could be used while the restaurant was still being used for functions. With full cure time on the self priming base coat at 3 hours and the topcoat of polyurea cured and walkable in 3 hours, we could meet these difficult timelines without disturbing the patrons of Hotel Arts.

Planning these difficult projects is something Warhorse Materials Inc takes pride in, we give you the realities of what is required to execute the work and we co-ordinate the work to create the least disruption as possible.