With extremely durable Mohs hardness aggregates we can provide the most abusive floors with a super tough flooring system that has better properties than trowel down cementitious urethanes etc.

Most of the benefits of Warhorse High Wear Mohs Flooring relate to the owner:

  • Re-finishability – simply shotblast the surface and re-apply the topcoat
  • Five-year standard bond warranty, extensions on a case by case basis
  • Colour coded wear surfacing to indicate wear patterns on your floor
  • Slip resistance that increases with wear due to high wear aggregates built into the floor system being exposed
  • Wide range of customizable options for chemical resistance
  • Extremely hard armoured aggregates that stand up to extremely heavy traffic
  • Great ROI, Lowest cost option based on the outstanding service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Fast cure times during installation, allowing two coats in a day.
  • At the end of the service life can be covered by concrete, toppings, tile etc. rather than removed.
Industrial Unit - Mohs High Wear Floor

Constructibility impacts:

  • Self-priming, rapid setting, open to traffic quickly, lees impact on other trades
  • Robust system highly resistant to trade damage and staining prior to completion
  • Low Odor and Zero VOC’s with no need for ventilation

Benefits to the Designer / Specifier:

  • Easier detailing, the system can run continuously under containment curbs. Concrete can be formed and poured on top of the system.