Warhorse Bare Floor Densifier

Warhorse Bare Floor Densifer is a premium hardener, densifier and sealer with properties ideal for protecting concrete against the damage of wind-driven rain, freeze-thaw, moisture, and chloride ion intrusion. Warhorse Bare Floor Densifier combines the benefits of lithium silicate densification with reactive silicone chemistry to meet the NCHRP 244 standard for chloride protection of concrete in a single application. The reactive treatment reduces permeability, helps prevent efflorescence leaching and provides chloride ion resistance to deter reinforcing steel corrosion and spalling. When sprayed on new or existing concrete, it penetrates where it reacts with free calcium to form insoluble calcium silica hydrate, which makes concrete more water, stain, and abrasion resistant for easier maintenance and longer life.

Mohs Traffic Deck System

Key Benefits

  • Protects against salt and freeze/thaw damage
  • Hardens, densifies, and dust-proofs
  • Easy-to-use, low odor, no rinsing required
  • Defense against water and harmful substances
  • Not susceptible to UV damage
  • Breathable–allows interior moisture to escape without damaging sealer
  • Penetrates–no film to lift or peel off
  • Reduces efflorescence and surface sweating
  • Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote crazing
  • VOC Compliant, can contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit 4.2 non-emitting materials)
  • Resists water, stains and dusting, making concrete and facilities easier to maintain
  • Reduces dusting from carbonation
  • Easy to clean

Warhorse All In One Densifier

A water-based, clear, dissipating membrane forming curing compound, hardener and densifier. This single component application forms a tougher, abrasion resistant surface compared to traditional methods requiring post-densification (28 days later). Excellent for commercial and industrial concrete floors that need long term protection against heavy wear and abuse, moisture, dirt and grime buildup.

This earth friendly / bio based compound contains no solvents and has a VOC content<100g/L making it compliant in all regions of Canada.

This patented, all-in-one formula is applied to fresh concrete slabs immediately after finishing operations are complete. The unique chemistry forms a film on the surface, restricting the amount of water that can evaporate from the concrete while at the same time allowing the lithium silicate component to penetrate and react with the free-lime and unhydrated cement particles to improve both the curing and the hardening characteristics.

This product also provides substantial benefits over solvent based or older water-based curing technologies because it does not need sunlight to dissipate and will begin to breakdown within 14-28 days reducing the cost associated with cleaning hard-to-remove curing compounds.

Key Benefits

  • Meets actual ASTM C-309 moisture retention
  • Auto-scrub final cleanup with All in One Clean
  • Contributes to LEED EQ credit 4.2
  • Cures, Hardens and Densifies in a single application.
  • Easy to apply, ready to use liquid.
  • Saves money and time, reduces costly labor in application and cleaning
  • Minimizes hairline cracking, dusting, spalling, and other surface defects.
  • Provides improved resistance to chemicals, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and abrasion during construction
  • Provides an attractive sheen, enhances natural appearance of concrete
  • Will not contribute to surface crazing or surface ASR
  • Reduces alkalinity and efflorescence
  • Reduces dusting from carbonation
  • Easy to clean