They also know that the rough surface of damaged floors produces a bumpy ride for forklifts, pallet jacks, and hard wheeled carts. It can make the simple task of someone pushing a cart, or pallet jack across a warehouse into a slalom event full of jarring stops and starts.

If abrasive materials or aggressive chemicals are present, or if surfaces have to be kept sanitary or dust-free, it can complicate design decisions. Slip resistance adds yet another layer of liability and professional reputation to the overall considerations of the decision-maker.

All these factors can make this decision making difficult. One architect we spoke to likened it to crossing a complex minefield of missing, conflicting, or misinformation carrying a basket full of the client’s money.

We feel your pain.

This simple statement means that all of your design considerations should and can be reduced down to what is durable and cost-effective over an anticipated or required service life. The rest is control of expectations.

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