Every Spring, the complaints start pouring in about potholes!

This unhappiness is a common theme across Canada whether it’s a highway, parking lot or asphalt driveway. With budgets the way they are, it’s a good idea to fix them once and be done with it.

But… the options are pretty limited, you can…

  • Call out a hot mix paving crew, when and if the local asphalt plant is open and the crew is available.
  • Dispatch a hot box repair truck and crew if you have one.
  • Use a cold-patch as a band-aid, then monitor and replace it when it gets shoved out.
  • Use a permanent asphalt repair material that is cold-laid but acts like the surrounding pavement.

We want to tell you about this last option listed above.

Just so you know, we kind of know what we are talking about. Our Technical Director teaches courses on asphalt technology at BCIT.

We have been searching for an affordable cold laid asphalt repair material for the past few years, and we finally found one.

We call it Pot-lock!

Again let us stress that this is not cold-patch but rather a permanent repair material that performs like the pavement around it.

You can see a video of repairing a pothole with Pot-lock on our YouTube channel.

Key Benefits of Pot-Lock

  • Stable, permanent all-weather repair.
  • Laid directly from the bag.
  • No toxic solvents or additives
  • Open to vehicle traffic in 10 minutes.
  • Ideal for Maintenance vehicles to carry as an emergency repair kit requiring minimal tools.
  • No water or brine required to activate the material.
  • Can be applied in damp holes.
  • Can be installed by machine compaction to eliminate repetitive stress crew injuries
  • Warhorse has a zero cost return policy on unopened products that are not stale dated. This policy means you can try a pallet, and if you don’t like it, you can return it with no cost or hassle!
Pot-Lock - Canmore