Driveways are exposed to extreme weather conditions in Canada, with salts (chlorides), shovels, vehicles and abrasive materials damage your concrete or asphalt. Warhorse has an exclusive system that evolved out of proven bridge deck technology. With natural Mohs hardness aggregates we can provide the most beaten up driveways with a brand new surface, giving your driveway a facelift that is 100% impermeable to salts and moisture to protect your driveway slab from long term weather damage.

Five-year standard bond warranty, extensions on a case by case basis

Natural hard aggregates that will compliment your landscaping.

Wide range of customizable optional topcoats for chemical resistance

Great ROI to protect your driveway slab from corrosion

Fast cure times during installation, allowing two coats in a day.

Slip resistance on the resurfacing due to the aggregate exposure


Warhorse® Highway and Driveway Resurfacing System applied to the surface of concrete or asphalt results in a wear surface with the following features:

  • When applied in two layers on concrete, provides an impermeable barrier to salt (chlorides)that is warrantied to perform.
  • An ultraviolet stable, impact-absorbing, progressive wear indicating semi-rigid overlay that flexes with the surface.
  • Is tenaciously bonded to the slab, and is warrantied to stick and stay.
  • Highly resistant to osmotic blistering, a leading cause of failure.
  • Can be penetrated by fasteners to secure curb sand fixtures without voiding the warranty.

A tough High Mohs® aggregate saturated surface that is:

  • Highly skid resistant
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Highly resistant to damage from snow removal equipment
  • A clean anchoring surface that concrete curbs and pads can anchor to
  • Not affected by aggressive power washing

On asphalt when applied in one or two layers

  • A slip-resistant traction surfacing that shields paving from ultraviolet exposure
  • Reduces or eliminates the passage of water and air into the pavement
  • Hides a multitude of repairs and crack filling
  • Bonds well with sound asphalt surfaces

Constructibility impacts:

  • Self-priming, rapid setting, open to traffic quickly.
  • Robust system highly resistant to weather and salt/chloride damage.
  • Easily repairable if you need to cut utility lines in your driveway.
MOHS Asphalt Resurfacing