We are very interested in products for concrete and asphalt repair. Over the years, we have found some dependable, durable, and simple products that fit our operating philosophy.

Let’s start with what is inexpensive, easily applied, and proven to help protect new or existing concrete from salt attack. Click on these links:

  • Warhorse™ External Densifier – Lithium is to concrete what fluoride is to teeth. Our External Densifier is a patented formula that hardens, and densifies concrete through mineralization.
  • Warhorse™ External Guard – Same lithium technology with water repellency and other features added

If you have potholes to fill in asphalt, click on this link:

  • Pot-Lock – All-weather, All-season, Sustainable permanent pothole repair

If you need to protect new or existing parking decks from corrosion and are sick to death of traffic deck membrane failures, click on this link:

If you need to restore the appearance, slip and weathering resistance of asphalt or concrete paving, click on this link:

Concrete and asphalt durability is a problem here in Western Canada, mostly due to the weather, the heavy use of de-icing salt, and to a lesser degree, issues with the quality of local aggregates.