The idea of Resinance® is that no floor is ever the same and is a refinishable surface for sustainability purposes.

The system is designed for durability and protection of any color you put on the floor. The color concept you design is then protected with a clear coat and then a topcoat so that the color on the floor is never damaged or scratched. We have a variety of wear coats that we can put down on top of the clear coat to suit the needs of the project, so whether it be major chemical resistance, anti-microbial, traction levels, impact resistance or all of the above……we can achieve that for you by building a custom system. We also have around 250 colors to choose from.


Resinance® is a one of a kind floor………..let your imagination run wild!

Key Benefits

  • Resists water and staining, easy to maintain
  • Variety of different colors to suit your project needs
  • Various topcoats for slip resistance & chemical resistance
  • Gloss, Matte and Satin finishes
  • UV stable for light colored floors
  • Customized graphics and logos to be installed within the floor

Warhorse Materials Inc. also encourage designers to actively be involved on-site of your complex design on the color coat day……..come and see your concept come to life!

As the system is a custom finish, we work closely with you to create color pallets and concepts, discuss what is required for a topcoat (gloss/matte/satin) and then build you custom samples to show your client. Warhorse Materials Inc. will personally be on-site on your complex installs to help you manage client expectations of a custom floor.