Our H20 Nano Epoxy is unique in design and application. Applied to concrete, asphalt and metal surfaces, our formulation has excellent chemical and UV resistance that can be applied on internal or external applications. With the product having no odor or VOC’s, it’s a project friendly application.

As part of our H2O Epoxy we also have a range of additives that give you versatility on your projects:

  • Anti-static additives without the use of carbon fibers
  • Anti-microbial additives to stop bacterial growth
  • Anti-corrosive additives to protect your steel

And for the designer friendly applications, we have different gloss levels for your floor:

  • Gloss finish
  • Satin finish
  • Matte finish
  • Recycled glass filler, adding extra abrasion & slip resistance to your floor
Onyx & Ivory Inglewood - H2O Nano Epoxy (9)

For your color choice for our H2O Nano Epoxy, simply go into any local Sherwin Williams store and choose a color for your floor, we are not limited to colors and it gives creative freedom back to you to match or compliment the color theme within your project.