Using materials such as ceramics, unused mine stones and glass, we have built a network of suppliers of post-consumer waste to build epoxy floor systems that re-use these materials to create hard, durable and easy to maintain floor systems as well as supporting your LEED accreditation on your green efficient projects.

We have a variety of post-consumer aggregates that will give you unique floors and also provide you with some of the most durable, hard wearing floors on the current market.

When you think of glass, you think of a sharp finish…….don’t worry, all of our aggregates have a hexagon matrix to them, meaning you have a floor that is no different from any other slip resistant additive in any coating in the concrete coatings industry.

Eco-Epoxy - Parkland Fuels (29)

To complement our epoxy floors, we also have a variety of topcoats for additional wear and chemical resistance, just tell us about your project and we can advise you on what you may require based on your needs.