We at Warhorse, like most of you get tired of seeing the same old floor coatings and run of the mill polished concrete on the floors of retail and commercial spaces.

Warhorse Materials Inc. is asking for designers, architects and clients to challenge us with unique floor concepts and designs. Interior Design is all about creating focal points within the space you are designing so why not make the focal point your floor?

We want to push the boundaries further than any other materials or coatings company in Canada, so let us work with you to create a really unique floor concept for your client!

Eco-Epoxy - Parkland Fuels

We create both carry and site samples for your projects and work with you to tweak the floor finishes to get the desired finish you are looking for.

  • Resinance – A high build resin floor with custom colors and custom topcoats, let your imagination run wild! Perfect for retail and commercial spaces.
  • Crystal Inlay – Swimming pools, spas, walls and floors, insitu concrete with elegance
  • Eco-Epoxy – Simple, modern and has a variety of recycled products we can add for LEED points. Can be also used with a variety of topcoats for difference gloss levels and slip resistance.
  • H2O Nano Epoxy – For the cost effective way to give you an easy to clean, warehouse type floor without breaking the bank, fast drying and has nano-glass technology for durability.
  • Polishing & Etching – All the different levels of polished concrete to specify on your project plus elevating your polished concrete floor with concrete etching.