Warhorse Materials Inc. is a concrete flooring materials supplier and product consultant to Architects, Designers, Cities, Governments, Engineers and end users based out of Western Canada that is different from all other floor coating suppliers in the market……tell us what you want from your floor application and we build a floor system for you!

As a company Warhorse Materials Inc. work with multiple formulators to create proprietary flooring systems for applications to concrete, asphalt, wood and steel that provide clients with long term, durable flooring solutions built to specific needs and wants on your projects.

Warhorse Materials Inc. has a nationwide list of approved applicators that have been carefully selected to provide all our potential clients with a high quality of install and expertise to go with our high quality products. We can install in any part of Canada so feel free to call us wherever you are.

We have products that are really unique to the market, and have a product for every application. We are bringing unique and disruptive concrete coating technologies to the market; we want to stand out from the rest!

Whether you want a simple concrete sealer, a permanent solution for asphalt pothole repairs for roads and highways, or a very high end custom resin floor we can make your concept become a reality.

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Ben Jones – CEO

Phone: (403) 585-5545
Email: ben.j@warhorsematerials.com